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Welcome to the Veronica Machak Photography proofing site!

There are a few features of the site that you should know about:

The images on display have a 3:2 aspect ratio. A 4x6 will print the entire image, but 5x7, 8x10 and larger images will experience some slight cropping. All images are hand cropped at the photographer's discretion to ensure the best possible composition. If you would like to order a custom sized print, please email or call.

All images are available in color or black and white. All black and white conversions are done individually to ensure a gorgeous, dramatic image.

You can save your favorites! Once you've clicked on an image to view the ordering options, on the lower right side, you'll have the option to save an image as a favorite. Don't forget to submit your email address so your favorites will be saved!

If you have questions, please contact Veronica at or (734) 476-2673.